how we operate

1.Prepare list of equipment for vibration  monitoring as provided by the client
2.Prepare data collection points and          parameters to be monitored
3.Prepare frequency of monitoring
4.Set vibration limits for various             equipment based on acceptable               vibration standards
5.Carry out periodic data collection. Our  engineers will visit the plant as per the    decided frequency of monitoring.
6.Collect overall vibration dataCarryout    vibration analysis for machines with        abnormal vibration limits

how we operate

1.Use other condition monitoring        techniques such as IR and oil analysis if required
2.Release monthly overall condition        reports (Management Information            Report) of the machines highlighting        Normal, Alert and Danger level                  machines.
3.Provide detailed condition monitoring  reports for machines under alert and        danger levels with analysis and                recommendations.


1.Proactive  / Predictive  maintenance
2.Mitigate dependency on periodic maintenance for rotating machines.
3.Criticality ranking
4.Maintenance Strategy
5.Vibration monitoring and analysis
6.Oil analysis, Ultrasound  and IR             thermography
7.Reports generation and                         recommendations

additional services

1.Take full list of rotating machines
2.Carry out criticality ranking with help of feedback from plant personnel based on Production, Safety and maintenance costs.
3.Evolve maintenance strategy which          includes Preventive and Predictive          maintenance as well as replacement
4.Provide routine oil analysis through oil    samples. Oil samples to be provided by plant personnel
5.Carry out bearing temperature                  monitoring on routine as well as on          need base.


1.Reduced maintenance Cost
2.Reduced production cost per unit
3.Improved safety and reliability
4.Improved equipment availability
5.Reduced breakdowns and Production interruptions
6.Improved planned maintenance
7.Improved manpower utility and spares availability